Power everything with new generation electric motors never seen before



Starts from 1.2 kg. We use composite materials to build stator and excluding air cooling system, we just don’t need it anymore.

Extreme RPM

Extreme RPM

Up to 30000 rpm due to the know-how of the motor assembling, magnetic fields interact as much as possible inside the stator.

Heavy Torque

Heavy Torque

Max Power up to 95kW reach by high energy permanent magnet in the rotor and super magnetic stator materials.

Scope of innovative HELV Motors

  • Airplanes and gliders
  • Quadcopters and air taxi
  • Cars and motorcycles
  • Boat motors
  • Industrial equipment
  • Household appliances

HELV Controllers

Designed especially for HELV motors according to specific features

  • Hall Sensor and FOC dual control
  • Motor temperature control
  • No extra cooling (increase safety)
  • Reliable electronic components
  • High quality manufacturing
  • High peak currents

Reducing Speed Gearbox

Ideal for HELV motors, in electric transport and Max torque machines

  • Full load efficiency more than 95%
  • Max input speed 8000 rpm
  • Torsion rigidity from 3 Nm/arcmin
  • Output torque up to 2000 Nm
  • Noise starting as low as 56 dB

Buddha Energy Inc.

The young company, founded in 2019, is engaged in the development of innovative electronic controllers and electric motors. The company holds patents for development in the largest industrial countries. Our target customers are major manufacturers of electric transport in the field of automotive and aviation industry, as well as individual developers. All developments are focused on green technologies and environmental protection, reducing the use of natural resources.